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Your Recipe to a Fabulous Party

Just like baking, throwing the perfect party is quite a specific science. There are standard procedures to follow, however, each case may vary and need special attention in some areas. So your next party isn’t as flat as a deflated souffle, we’ve put together 5 key ingredients that you can’t skimp on when throwing a fabulous party.

First, sort the guestlist

Organising a solid guest list needs to happen before anything else! Firstly, you’ll need to gauge just how many people you’ll be expecting at your party. This will determine the venue size as well as the catering that you will need. Secondly, you need to figure out what sort of guests will be attending, in order to have an overall theme for your function. Is this a family event? Are children going to be present? Is a sit-down meal going to be involved? What sort of atmosphere are you going to create to suit the people who are attending? Organise your guest list early on so you can plan all the details accordingly.

Capture the memories

What use is throwing a fantastic party if there are no memories of it! It can be easy to forget to organise something or someone to capture those fun party moments, however, it is a crucial ingredient to a great night. Organise a photographer for your evening, or better yet, check out our photo booth hire packages! Photo booths allow guests to take a tangible memory of the party home with them, so they will remember the night for years to come.

A great venue is key

Now that you have the size and theme of your event sorted, it’s time to find a fantastic venue. Think about whether you want to have an outdoor party or an indoor party? Will there be a sit-down meal or only canapes? Will it be self-catered or via the use of external vendors? All of these factors will contribute to you finding your dream venue that suits your specific needs. Once you have found the perfect venue, lock it down as far in advance as you can!

You can’t dance to no music

There’s nothing worse than awkward silence! Make sure your guests feel socially lubricated and at ease by providing some suitable yet energising music. If you’re hiring a DJ, make sure that they are briefed on exactly what type of music to play, and ask early on if they are willing to accept requests from guests. If you are opting to play your own music from an iPod or otherwise, ensure that you have a playlist well and truly long enough to last for the duration of the party.

Extra, extra!

No matter what you do, someone is always going to have to bring an extra friend, or an extra child, or an extra babysitter, or a person who didn’t RSVP will turn up. Always plan for extras, as it’s better to have more than less. Organise a few spare chairs just in case, and make sure that there is more than enough food and drink.

Don’t throw a forgettable function. Make sure your next event is one to remember, by sticking to these 5 essential ingredients for a fabulous party. If you have any questions or queries about your next shindig, or maybe you just need to hire a DJ or photo booth for the big day, contact the party professionals at Life’s A Flash today.

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