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7 Classic Poses to Lift Your Photo Booth Game

Party season is only a couple of months away! People will be throwing parties left, right and centre before you know it – most of them with photo booths present. You will probably want to get in the booth with some friends and take home some great memories of the night with you, but you’re terrible at posing! What ever are you to do? Fret no more because we have 7 classic poses that will undoubtedly lift your photo booth game next time you’re under the spotlight.

When in doubt, peace and pout

There’s a reason this pose is a saying – it works! Pouting pulls your face into it’s most flattering angle. Work those cheekbones, baby! Throwing up a peace sign also ensures that you don’t suffer from the dreaded hover hand.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Staunch the camera with your best Blue Steel by staring saucily into the lens. This works best in a group, otherwise, people may think you’re hogging the photo booth for a DIY personal fashion shoot.

Rap squat

Why not get your gangsta on? A rap squat is a great photobooth pose people will usually be on different visual levels, which is great for a photo. What are you waiting for? Put your hands in prayer and drop it to the floor!

Charlie’s Angels

Grab two of your nearest and dearest and get them to flank you on either side to be the baddest and most beautiful gang anyone has ever seen! This pose requires one person to be standing front on, and two people either side with their backs to the centre person, facing out. Extra points if you throw your hands up into a pretend gun gesture.

Candid best friends

One of the best ways to come across authentic in a photo is to be just that – authentic! Grab your best friends and link arms. Then, make the group laugh by telling an old joke, which is sure to get everyone’s sides splitting. The result will be a realistic chuckle from a group of great friends. What more could you ask for?

Pull a face

If you’re tired of prettily posing and pouting, why not do a Cara Delevigne and pull a face! Go cross-eyed, poke out your tongue, or pull your ears out and puff up your cheeks like a monkey. No one can tell you that you look ugly if you make yourself look silly first!

Get creative with the props

These days, most photo booths come equipped with a wide range of props, such as novelty sunglasses, chalkboards, signs, and other costumes. Get creative with the props in your photos! Draw a secret message on the chalkboard or don some huge sunnies if you’re feeling sheepish. The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re usually awkward or amazing in the photo booth, fear not! Now you are equipped with 7 foolproof poses to get you through your next function. If you are looking for a photo booth hire package to suit you and your next event, contact the party professionals at Life’s A Flash today.

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